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Steklov Mathematical Institute

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Logical Models of Reasoning and Computation

Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow
February 1-3, 2012

International workshop "Logical Models of Reasoning and Computation" will take place at Steklov Institute of Mathematics in Moscow, Russia, from 1.02.2012 to 3.02.2012. The conference will cover a variety of topics in theoretical and applied logic centered around the notions of proof and computation.

Topics include but are not restricted to: methods of automated and interactive proof search, term rewriting, multi-agent systems and epistemic reasoning, access control logics, computational and proof complexity, grammars, proof theory, modal logic.

The conference in an expanded 6-th edition of the traditional Moscow-Vienna Workshop on Logic and Computation. This year's special emphasis is on logical formalisms and languages modelling interaction between several agents. LMRC12 is supported by Microsoft Research project "DKAL: a distributed knowledge authorization language".

All talks will be invited.

Program committee:
M. Baaz (Vienna), L. Beklemishev (chair), Y. Gurevich (MSR, Redmond).

Steklov Mathematical Institute
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